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Salsa Dance Video

Find your salsa dance video here. We have divided this page into three sections to help you find the video you are looking for.

If you came to this page, you are probably looking for salsa performance videos, salsa instructional dvds, or online salsa video instruction. 

Or perhaps you have a video that you would like us to post?  You can contact us here.

Salsa Performance Videos

What are the benefits of a salsa dance video ?  You can watch for the pure pleasure and entertainment, or you can watch other people salsa dancing so you can improve your dancing.  You can also watch them over and over to learn new moves that you can do out on the dance floor.

Caution ! Some of the salsa performances show advanced moves that can be dangerous.  Do not attempt these moves unless you have the skills and proper technique to execute them.   

One more thing to remember is not all moves are leadable and some of them are totally choreographed. So don't be surprised if you try to mimic a move you see and have no idea how to lead it. 

Salsa Dance Video of Onda Latina in Cirque Du Onda

Watch Onda Latina perform for you in Cirque Du Onda
April 19, 2008.




Salsa Instructional DVDs

Use salsa instructional dvds for learning the basics, intermediate and advanced techniques as well as styling and footwork.

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Online Salsa Video Instruction

Online video instruction is great way to learn salsa at the comfort of your own home. No partner necessary.  Salsa Boot Camp is like having your own dance instructor in your own home. Real classes, real fun !

Click video below to play it and find out more.

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